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Real wood products

WOODUM is the brand name of a series of products using real wood.

Combine a 400-year-old traditional wood cutting technique from Okawa City in Kyushu with a tapestry weaving technique for kimono from Kyoto’s Nishijin with a more than 1000-year history. Add an industrial technique from Osaka and the artistic sense of an up-and-coming designer and WOODUM is born.
A thin sheet of sliced wood is soaked in resin making it both highly waterproof and scratchproof. The sheet is also extremely flexible and will not break when bent.
WOODUM uses Japanese wood including cedar and zelkova, along with other fine woods like teak and zebrawood.
Common wood materials break when they are bent and are easily damaged when rubbed or scratched. For that reason, the usage of wood materials is often limited to architectural and furniture material. A sheet of wood can be used as a wrapping material but the natural tone of the wood is lost as its surface is usually processed with plastic and film to avoid damage.
The surface of the wood sheets used for WOODUM is different from existing wood sheets or di-noc sheets where the surface is processed with film or plastic. WOODUM products are very flexible and bendable without losing the natural tone and aroma of the wood. Even sewing on the sheet is possible as a sheet is incredibly soft and has a surprisingly thin width of only 0.2 mm. The sheet is processed with resin impregnation with highly antibiotic and waterproof properties which also protects the wood from scratches.